Long Term Car Rental
This service is similar to operational leasing and it is available for individuals and companies. Benefit:
  • Great bargain for more than 3 months car rental
  • Fixed monthly expenditure for vehicle operational cost and insurance
  • Company won’t be burdened with annual vehicle licensing
  • Replacement car available if there is a car accident or car breakdown
  • We will take care of the maintenance, car repair and insurance claiming
In addition, we can also accommodate you with a brand new car if you requested but with a condition of at least 1-year car rental contract.
Short Term Car Rental
  • Delivery of vehicle can be done per request as long as documents are ready
  • Hassle-free transport with our friendly and experienced driver
  • All our vehicles are under insurance for any mishap that may occur
  • Third party rental is available for individuals or company who wants to greet their guests
  • Payable system for road toll, parking fee and gasoline will make it flexible and convenient for your guests and yourself
Airport Drop-off and Pick-ups
  • You would not need to worry about secure transportation in a strange city
  • Avoid any mishap that might happened if you take any public transport
  • No waiting for late pick ups
  • Our driver will serve as a porter to help carrying your luggage
  • A warm welcome for your guests while you are busy with your overload schedule